Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daily Giggle

A classic is a book that is much praised and rarely read.*
*C'mon, admit it. You didn't read ALL the classics you were assigned in college. You faked your way thru some of them, didn't you?


Angie Ledbetter said...

Aw, that's kinda sad. I'm old enough to say there really weren't Spark Notes and Internet resources readily available to us lowly students back in the early 80s, so yeah, I did read them. :)

Embee said...

Angie - LOL. I didn't use Spark Notes either, I'm just a good faker. I've never really enjoyed the "classics" all that much. That's why I focused on writing rather than lit. We had a real rousing discussion in Lit Crit about how the works in the "Literary Canon" made the list and why it's so hard to bump something off the list. For me a lot of the "classics" are just the same tired old books that get taught over and over and over because nobody has enough guts to teach anything else. I swear, if I have to read Beowulf, or Grapes of Wrath, or the Scarlet Letter again I'm going to puke! ;)