Sunday, January 17, 2010

Employment Woes and A Writerly Reminder

I've been absent from the blogosphere for a few days, not that my absence would be noticed, generally speaking, but I'm going to explain it anyway.

I've been struggling with my employer, and let's just say upfront that I am eternally grateful to be employed because my income supports my family, and I can't afford not to work. However, my employer knows this and knows that I can't afford to quit. Therefore I am at their mercy. Not a very happy place to be.

I won't get into the ugly, underhanded, childish details but basically I've been put aside so someone else can have my job. Of course I can't prove it, but that's the sum of things. My income has been significantly impacted, I feel humiliated, and my employer doesn't give a crap.

Perhaps it's petty of me whine about it here, but whine I shall. It's a shame that national corporations feel free to manipulate their employees as if they were pawns whose feelings can be disregarded. It's unfortunate that our economy is such that employees can't find work with better employers but have to suffer that kind of indifference in order to support their families.


Needless to say, although I'll continue to suck it up and work for this company, because I right now I don't have any other choice, I will also continue to look for work elsewhere. I really look forward to the glorious day when I can leave this job and never look back.

On a more cheerful note, I'm excited to report that I'm getting close to finishing book two of my romance novel trilogy. I've still got to write the climactic battle scene, then close the story while setting it up for book three. I'll also be working on my screenplay this semester, which is my MFA thesis. And finally, Hubby and I are making plans to start outlining our musical stage play which we're hoping to start writing this summer. So at least my writing life is happy and productive!

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for the Valentine's Day "Love at First Sight Blogfest" sponsored by the critique group I belong to: Critique This. On February 14th, post a love-at-first-sight moment from your current WIP then blog-hop and read everyone else's moments! Go to Courtney Reese's blog to sign up. Don't Forget!!


Little Ms Blogger said...

I've been unemployed since May 2008 and understand that you're grateful to have a job, but I understand that you're trapped.

Yes, I'd love to be employed, but under the circumstances you're experiencing, I'm not sure.

Even to this day, I wouldn't go back to my old employer because of the way they treated their employees.

I hope you find peace there and finish your trilogy soon.

sherrinda said...

I'm so sorry you are in such a terrible position. That is rough. I pray you will find something better soon. ;)

I AM glad you are nearing the completion of book #2!!!! That is awesome! I'm in the middle of your ch. 6!!! I will get it to you later tonight. I love faeries. :)

Terresa said...

I hope things turn brighter for you regarding employment. My husband had a job awhile back with some very unprofessional supervisors. Luckily he is in a different job now that is a blessing.

Continue with your dreams. Write on!!

Anonymous said...

He that travels far knows much...................................................

Cheryl said...

It's great your writing is going so well! I would be happy just to finish this short story I've been working on for a few months already. I just joined a couple of writing groups to push myself back into the habit, and am finally making steady progress.

I hope you get new work soon. Know it's not fun, but try to see the upside, or the lessons you're learning, even if it's just the fact that you're meant to be writing full time!