Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Rant

I hate Halloween, which I'm sure will be an unpopular sentiment.

Halloween bothers me for several reasons:

1. We're subjected to violent, bloody movies for an entire month leading up to Halloween day. I don't like scary movies anyway, but the majority of them have no plot, they're badly acted, and their only purpose is to show as many people being maimed and killed with as many different appliances and implements as possible. Pointless. If it's really necessary, why can't it just be on Halloween day? After all, the holiday is just one day, not a whole freakin' month.

2. Halloween is expensive: costumes, pumpkins, decorations, candy, classroom parties. I gave up buying costumes for my kids years ago because they're cheesy and lame and EXPENSIVE. For the last few years the kids have made their own costumes from what we have around the house (much like we did when I was a kid), and we usually end up buying a few accessories, but they've liked these costumes better anyway. The kids have to shell out money to have a party in the classrooms. They're not even allowed to participate until they pay. It's not like school isn't expensive enough, but I'm being nickeled and dimed to death for classroom parties.

3. Carving pumpkins. First, it's another expense. Second, it's messy. Third, they rot and stink.

4. Sugar wars. After traipsing around town in the cold and dark and begging for candy at every house in town, each of my kids has a giant haul of candy. Now I become the bad guy because I won't let them binge and overdose on sugar until they puke. So I have to spend the next month doling out candy and listening to begging and whining about why they can't have just one more piece today? Not to mention the fact that all that sugar is just plain unhealthy.

5. It's the principle. I'm all for stimulating the economy, especially since it's in the tank these days, but I'm broke enough as it is. Why in God's name would I care about supporting the candy industry for the third time in a year (Valentines, Easter, Halloween).

I don't want to feel obligated to celebrate something. I want to celebrate it because it's meaningful and fun. Halloween has become an obligation and we're just going thru the motions: dressing up, spending money, porking out on candy.

So, that's why I hate Halloween. Bah humbug.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Hear ya! I had a grinchy rant at my own blog yesterday. :)

Hey, this is good writing. Ever consider making it an article to submit? Surely there are more Halloween Haters (good title LOL) in the world besides us.

Small Footprints said...

The "commercialization" of holidays ruins them (in my opinion). We get so far away from what we're supposed to be celebrating. Not only is it hard for a lot of people but it just adds stuff to our lives ... and the landfills.

I think it's shameful that kids have to pay to have a party in the classroom. There are so many children whose parents can barely afford school clothing and the basics ... one would think that a school could come up with a celebration that didn't exclude those children unable to pay for it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Small Footprints

Cesia said...

Thank you! I personally loathe Halloween, but its for more reasons that just what you posted!

Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog, and since I see that you're a "would-be writer" ... I have a little writing game going on.

- Cesia.

Embee said...

Angie- Thanks! As a newbie blogger I'm still learning all the ins and outs, so although I'd like to article-then-submit, not sure how and/or where to do that.

I went back and read your Halloween Grinch posting. I agree with all 10 items! But of course I'm obviously predisposed to agree since I dislike the holiday already.

As far as tonight is concerned, I'm hoping to weather the night without incident, then move on!

Sal said...

Halloween is a much bigger celebration in the USA than it is in the UK. Thankfully it's one custom we haven't as yet made popular here. I bought some candies in incase anyone came yesterday, we didn't see a single soul. Maybe it's because I live in a sleepy seaside town?

alana said...

I LOVE Halloween! I totally agree the expenses have gotten out of control, but I still get super excited this time of year. (Of course it helps that my birthday is the 28th and autumn is my favorite season.) I love making completely ridiculous decorations and spooky snacks. I guess I mainly enjoy that it’s the only day a year we get to live in the circus. :)

Embee said...

Cesia - I saw the i-have-come-to-storm-your-brain, but couldn't figure out how to participate (sometimes I have those bouts of duh). I guess I need to be hand-held through the process!