Monday, May 4, 2009

The Big Push - and - Twitter Fizzle

First, my foray into the Twitter world fizzled fast. I must be the world's biggest wallflower - I know NOBODY, and without followers Twitter is nothing but a complete waste of time (which I anticipated from the get go, actually). If I were a popular teen, or a hollywood celeb, maybe it would be worth my while. But since I'm not either, I think I'll call it a mildly interesting but unsuccessful social experiment.

Secondly, today begins the "Big Push" to finish all the remaining crap I have to complete in order to graduate on the 15th. I'll admit, I've been a shameless slacker this semester. I only took 2 classes, and because I've had to work full time all semester, I rarely showed up for either of them. I have, however, managed to keep up on all the assignments, papers, tests, etc., though it took significant effort on my part.

Unfortunately, I still have to finish writing a paper for one of the classes and because I've dilly-dallied away the semester it's getting down to crunch time, and because I have senioritis I just don't give a damn about it, so it's not going to be my best work. I also have to do 2 take home tests on the most painfully dull subjects, so it's going to be a challenge to force myself to focus and complete them. As I write this post - this very moment - I'm taking a break from the tedious chore of filling out the study guide for my art history final. I can think of a bazillion other things I'd rather be doing and forcing myself to stay seated here at the computer is causing me to fidget and wiggle uncomfortably in my seat.

I've already gone through the bargaining stage of the last quarter of the semester where I try to calculate just how many points I need to scrape by with an A (because I just can't stand the thought of getting anything less). Can I get away with not filling out this study guide? (not really, I need it to study for the final, darn).

I know in the big picture, it's really not that much more to do, but I JUST WANT TO BE DONE!!!!!! (I feel like a 3-year-old throwing a tantrum).

Hence, the Big Push. If I forge ahead and push through it all - then I will be done. So, I'm going to stop goofing off here, and go back to the painfully laborious tasks at hand. *sigh*


CDP said...

I have a final on Saturday and a paper due on Friday. I turned on the computer solely to get some schoolwork done. Ask me how that's working out for me.

giddymomof6 said...

LOL! I've just started following you on twitter! LOL! Now you've got one more friend. And to tell you the truth, back in march when I started twitter I had two people following me, so you're already farther along than I was. The secret is to go down to the bottom of the page that says search. And then type out words like edit, write, mom, study, art, stuff you're interested in. (I usually type author, writer, edit and Jane Austen) Only do one at a time scroll through the people talking about those things and then click on them if you want to follow them. Once you follow people they start following you back. and once you get followed back.. more and more people ask to follow you! LOL! it's great though, I've made a lot of publishing contacts through twitter. I LOVE It! Jenni

Robin Wendell said...

Don't give up on twitter,its more fun as you make more connections! After all-I found your blog through your tweets. It just takes a little time to find buddies out there in the twitterverse. There are lots of cool writers and writer wantabes. You can find great folks if you participate in twitter #chat forums. One great trick is to find some one you like and follow folks that they follow!

I think #writechat happens on Sundays 12-3 PST host -@writingspirit Try the search option and . writechat, jourchat, editorchat, agentchat, ect. is a good platform to participate in chats:-)

Cheryl said...

Good luck finishing all your assignments!