Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I am not an overly patriotic person - I believe that blind devotion to anything only leads to trouble. But I certainly understand and appreciate the value of the sacrifices made by our men and women of the armed forces.

Although I may not approve of the government policies that find our soldiers in combat (either in current wars or wars past), said soldiers do not get to pick and choose which military engagements in which they will participate. If you're in the military you go where and do what you're told, no questions asked, and part of your job is to give your life if necessary.

So it is appropriate on Memorial Day to set aside our feelings for the government, good or bad, and thank the people who are willing to dedicate, and give, their lives to our defense. I certainly appreciate their willingness to give of themselves so that we will all be safe. It's not a job I would want or be capable of doing, so I'm glad there are others who will.


alana said...

Exactly how I feel about it as well. :)

Haworth said...

I agree totally, You can not blame the soldiers for any war, they are just doing the job they have to do.

Here in the UK we have Rememberance Day which is held on the 11th of november. Which marks the ending of the first world war. We also have a thing called the poppy appeal that is also part of it, which raises funds for are veterans!!

Anonymous said...

Very well said.