Saturday, September 25, 2010

Banned Books Week

September 25 - October 2

This week why not read a banned book? Open your mind and look at the world from another point of view. Personally, I've never understood book banning. First of all, it only proves the cowardice and small-mindedness of the banner(s) and secondly banning something only makes it that much more desirable. Remember prohibition? Yeah. Like that. Alcohol was illegal? Really? Like that kept people from drinking. It only made people more determined to drink.

Hmmmm. So maybe we should ban books in a sneaky backward effort to makes people want to read them more. Anybody see what happened around the blogosphere last weekend when some dude advocated banning the book, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson? A huge wave of support and lots of publicity for the book. So, I wonder if a little reverse psychology would do the trick?


Lovy Boheme said...

Hey there...I did a whole week's worth of Banned Books Week postings. I'm happy to see other people have promoted it too. :)

dolorah said...

I think its awesome the number of people that participated in this. I've been tucked into my own world, and didn't get around to researching a list, but I sure enjoyed all the posts.


Sangu Mandanna said...

I've always thought the same thing - that banning books simply has the opposite effect, so maybe it's a good thing in a twisted way? Ha!