Monday, February 23, 2009

Just A Few Little Things

1. Today is midterm in Art Hx, so I'm cramming facts about Renaissance art, and trying to remember as much about Raphael, da Vinci, and Michelangelo as possible so I can write an essay about them. I love Renaissance art, I just hope I can cram the details into my widdle head and they don't leak out before I get them on the page.

2. I'm panicked because there isn't enough time in life to complete the academic requirements of 12 credits plus work 40 hours a week and also have a life. I may have to reduce my credits by 6 (I only really need 6 more to graduate, but had to have 12 to receive my scholarships. Drat.) It's not that I'm not interested in Native American Lit and Children's Lit. It's just a matter of expediency and sanity.

3. So far I've been able to stick to my "writing every day" schedule, and I'm excited about my new story idea. I think it has potential. But I'm wondering, have any of you writer people out there ever had ideas that you think are good but that you are maybe slightly apologetic about? Maybe you're embarrassed that others may find the idea goofy, or childish, or unrealistic? Even though you have this fear, do you forge ahead and write it anyway because in your heart you think it works? Maybe it's my nasty self-doubt monster rearing his ugly head again. I think I'll beat him about the noggin until he disappears. I'm going to keep writing this story. I like it.

Well, off I go to my Art hx test. Wish me luck. Hope you all have a lovely Monday!

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