Monday, March 8, 2010

Beginning the Editing Journey

Just a quick note today. I'm excited to report that I completed the first draft of book two of my trilogy, which makes me totally happy for a couple of reasons: one, I finished it; two, now I can start revisions and edits on book one, which gets me one step closer to the querying process!

So today I'll start the first read-through and begin making notes to myself. And because of the awesome critique group I'm in I've already got comments and notes from them on the first 9 chapters. I'm very glad to have their insight!

Wish me luck as I start the edit journey!


Adele said...

First off - Congratulations on completing your book! Secondly - Good luck with the editing process. It takes a lot of time and patience to ensure your manuscript is typo free, you have consistency with character names and sentence structure flows well. I know you will get it done right! Keep up the good work on your blog!

ali said...

Sweet! Congrats!

Christine said...

Stopping by to send a "woo-hoo!" your way. Happy editing!