Saturday, March 6, 2010

There's Always a Silver Lining

I suppose it depends what day you ask me whether I'm optimistic enough to believe there's always a silver lining, but I think deep down I always do. Even if I'm having a bad day I can always feel a scrap of hope in my heart. I suppose that's what keeps me going. And given all the twists and turns I've been experiencing lately, it's a good thing.

However, when bloggie friends like Bethany over at Shooting Stars give me awards like the Silver Lining Award, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and suddenly I'm looking at the world as half full again instead of half empty.

Corny, I know. But sometimes that's all we need to perk ourselves up, right? Just a kind word from someone can give you a new perspective.

Bethany said, on her blog, that she was giving me this award because I "do everything." Well, I used to, but now that I don't have a job my load has eased somewhat. On the one hand I'm absolutely terrified because who can live off of unemployment? I guess we're going to find out. There will be much belt tightening and bill shuffling. But I'm game. We'll survive. It'll be fine.

On the other hand, the silver lining to this situation is that I finally have the time I've always wanted to devote to writing. I'm stoked!


Livia said...

Yay for silver linings! Good luck with your job search.

quixotic said...

Try to enjoy some of this time. I'm in the same boat, been on unemployment for a little and while it is a lot of belt tightening, it is lots of time to push your writing career into high gear. Good luck@

Ang said...

Congratulations on your award!