Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I've been pondering a rather solemn event that happened in my family recently and thought I would write about that, but I've had enough solemn for the last week, so for now I'm going to give myself a break from the morose. I can always go back to it later.

I read this article on Yahoo today and it made me giggle. It's called "Facebook's War on Nipples."

It's all about the propriety of public breastfeeding, and how Facebook has been removing photographs that show any fully exposed breast (which is defined as showing the nipple and/or areola). So breastfeeding fanatics are going nuts about this.

Okay, I know for a lot of people it's a serious subject. I just find the whole fuss amusing. Here's how I feel about breastfeeing, if anyone cares: I didn't breastfeed my kids, so I'm slightly irked by all the militant women who insist that breastfeeding will make their kids better, stronger, smarter and/or healthier than every other kid on the planet. My kids are of way above average intelligence, and healthier than most kids, so I think the whole breastfeeding-is-superior-to-everything-else myth is a load of crap.

That being said, I don't really care if women breastfeed in public. It would be nice if they'd have a little modesty and throw a towel or something over their shoulder, but it's certainly not pornographic. However, as a culture we tend to squirm in our seats when we see a naked breast unless it is pornographic. For some reason boobs are more acceptable in pornography or "artistic" black and white photography than they are feeding a baby.

Just like almost every other contentious issue in our culture, people seem to believe it must be one way or the other. Groups, organizations, associations, and factions line up on either side of the issue and start hurling accusations and threats as if only one side can win the argument and from that day forward there will be no other choice but to adhere to the views of the winning side. Did we all forget that there is a middle ground, if anyone is brave enough to wade out into it?

Because at heart I'm a peacemaker - mediator - conciliator, always looking for a happy medium, I wondered:

Women breastfeeding in public aren't hurting anyone, so those people who freak out about it should just lighten up - maybe turn the other way or don't stare at the naked boobs? And women who breastfeed in public might just take into consideration that they're not alone in the world and that when you're in a public place other people's sensitivities should be taken into consideration. How hard is it to put a towel over your shoulder?

Anyway, I found this article to be a welcome diversion from all the stories reviewing the woes of 2008 and speculating on the woes to come in 2009.

So where would you stand on this issue? Are you a mediator or agitator? Are you pro-public breastfeeding or are you squeamish about it? Or do you even care one way or another? Come on, it's the last big issue of 2008...weigh in!


MilesPerHour said...

I feel sorry for those who make a big deal out of small stuff. Next thing you know they are going to target the farms by making the cows cover up their udders.

Nannette Croce said...

I can't get into the whole thing of whether breast feeding is better. It's a personal choice, however I can get into how ridiculously prudish we are in this country. When I lived in Italy women breastfed in the middle of the street. We all know about Italian men, but women feeding babies didn't get a second look.

Angie Ledbetter said...

In the big scheme of things to worry about or even consider, nursing doesn't even make a blip on my radar screen. A blanket or burp rag over your shoulder when feeding solves it either way. Happy New Year!

Joy and Phil said...

Just stopped by to wish you a Happy New Year!

I have a daughter in Saco, MT and I'm sure you are in the middle of the snow storm right now that just went through there so keep warm and stay safe!

Haven't had a chance to get all caught up on your blog entrys but I will now that things have calmed down. You are easy to read and I love your style.


Sal said...

Happy New Year Em.
Love Sal.