Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hope for the Holidays

Yesterday on Written Expressions: The Blog there was a post entitled "Ho Ho Hum" about having difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit.

As I read, I was nodding my head in agreement. I've had difficulty getting into the spirit of Christmas for several years now. Decorating and cleaning up after Christmas ends up being my responsibility and it just adds to my work load. No matter how much I nag everyone else in the family, when it comes down to crunch time, I'm the one who ends up doing it.

And I'm so tired of buying more stuff for people who don't need more stuff. It's pointless.

I struggle to get through the holidays because I find no joy in it. It's just a matter of going through the motions and then getting back to a normal routine. I realize it's sad, and I really crave the days when I enjoyed Christmas. I just can't figure out how to get back to that feeling.

But today I read an article at Yahoo News entitled "The Grinch as Hero" with some pretty interesting suggestions for alternative ways to celebrate that shun the now standard holiday commercialism.

As I read, I found myself thinking maybe I can break out of my holiday ambivilance. Maybe there's another way! I felt my heart growing two sizes today! (okay, maybe I don't need the Grinch references).

But the point is, I think in order for me to recapture the holiday spirit I need to start thinking outside the same old, tired, worn out box.

I think maybe I'll ask everyone in my family to make one gift for each other. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. But handmade gifts are much more personal. It shows a lot more thought and consideration than just going to (insert giant super store or mall here) and buying more stuff.

For those of you who have tapped into the Christmas/Holiday spirit, what do you do differently that makes the holiday special? How do you renew your enthusiasm for the holiday each year?

I can't wait to read everyone's ideas. Maybe I can regain that spirit yet!


Anonymous said...

Embee, it's very odd that you posted this blog today. Why? I am out sick and when my hubby came home for lunch we talked about the same issues. We cannot get into the holiday spirit at all. We are going to Ohio to see his grandparents but other than excitement. Making homemade gifts is wonderful. One year I and my children did the exact same thing and it was the best Christmas ever. One thing we use to do was not buy the 'adults' anything and bought the kids at the gatherings a small gift to go into a large, very LARGE stocking. We would spend about $1-$3 on each gift. Usually something small like a box of colors, match box cars, yoyos, etc. We decided as adults we wanted this time to fellowship and be together. This year we are buying gifts for others to give our kids (after asking them to not give them anything...they are 19, 16 and 15). We just want to be with family. I think everyone has gotten away from the real meaning of the holidays and worries too much about presents. Personally, a tin of cookies, a handmade card or just a hug for no reason would be all the present I needed for the holidays.

MilesPerHour said...

What brought me back to the holiday spirit was the two women who are currently in my life, my GF and her daughter. Havinmg them around is the only thiong that is different then the 20 years of avoiding holidays.

alana said...

I'm not sure but aren't your kids in their teens? That must make it hard too. If my son wasn't little I doubt I would ever make the effort. lol

Oh, and the beaded bookmark is a great idea! :) I actually went to church camp (it was free) when I was little and I still have the bookmarks we made there. lol

Sal said...

No Christmas This Year

We won't have a Christmas this year, you say
For now the children have all gone away;
And the house is so lonely, so quiet and so bare
We couldn't have a Christmas that they didn't share.
We won't have a Christmas this year, you sigh,
For Christmas means things that money must buy.
Misfortunes and illness have robbed us we fear
Of the things that we'd need to make Christmas this year.
We won't have a Christmas this year you weep,
For a loved one is gone, and our grief is too deep;
It will be a long time before our hearts heal,
And the spirit of Christmas again we can feel.
But if you lose Christmas when troubles befall,
You never have really had Christmas at all.
For once you have had it, it cannot depart
When you learn that true Christmas is Christ in your heart.
~ Verna S Teeuwissen ~

Suldog said...

Get as many hugs as possible.

(I realize this doesn't have as many words as some of the other suggestions, but I guarantee the efficacy!)

Joy and Phil said...

You have a very special blog and what an tantalizing list of followers. I can't wait to find time to read their blogs and start following along.
Thank you for signing up in my followers list and "Welcome Aboard!"