Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gotta Love a Northern Plains Winter

Here in the frozen tundra of North Dakota we had a blizzard last night which left us with approximately 10 inches more snow, on top of the snow we already had.

It's currently about 8:00 p.m. and the air temp is somewhere around -17, with a wind child around -45. BRRRRRR.

Hubby and I went out earlier today to check things out, and I took these pix.

Gotta love winter in ND!


Anonymous said... about your White Christmas! Never will see that in Alabammy. It is very beautiful.

Angie Ledbetter said...

No ma'am! We had our every-two-decades snow on Thursday, and I was walking around outside barefoot again by today. *Sending warm thoughts*

Embee said...

Angie - thanks for the warm thoughts. The irony is that I love this weather! I don't miss the sloppy and monotonous rain in Oregon and I wouldn't want to live in hot humid weather. Blech! Good thing there's a lot of weather variety - a little something for everyone!

Sal said...

Brrrr, makes me feel cold just looking! LOL

Suldog said...

Good Lord! That's some kind of serious cold. Boston gets pretty nippy, and we have our share of snowstorms, but -45 wind chill??? Yow!

alana said...


And to think we were complaining about our snow. lol

Joy and Phil said...

Embee ...
My response to the first part of your comment on my blog ... cook bigger roasts!! It is worth it.

Yes, I am or once was a person who lived and breathed genealogy 7 days a week from morning until late at night. I started working on my family history many years ago (like 40 OMG!!), back when the research was done by handwritten letters and the telephone! The Internet and of course, the LDS have helped things along that is for sure.

The past five years I have been concentrating on writing my mothers biography (she died in 1980 at 65 yrs old. Her life was short but what a life it was!) but I would love to chat about genealogy with you whenever you want. Are you originally from Oregon? I have lots of roots in OR. Hmmmmmm

I've only been there once but I was wondering if it is true that the state tree in ND is the fence post? LOL

Stay warm girl!