Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tootsies vs Piddies

This is a discussion that ensued at our house this evening as we were making dinner.

My son started basketball practice yesterday and his feet are sore. So I told him he should ice his little tootsies (which is actually ironic because his feet are gigantic). He seemed confused.

I said, "Tootsies are feet." As if nobody knows that.

He said, "No, tooties are toes." I was incredulous.

I said, "No, piddies are toes. Tootsies are feet."

He said, "You're wrong." I am never wrong. At least I don't like to be, and I fight like crazy to prove that I'm right. I knew I was right in this instance.

However, being a democratic household, we took a poll. Everyone else in the family agreed that tootsies are toes and piddies are feet.

Of course I knew they were all insanely incorrect and because I absolutely hate to be wrong, especially when I am convinced beyond a doubt that I am, in fact, right, I set out to prove myself.

I immediately looked up "tootsies" on the online dictionary, where I was proven right. Tootsies are, indeed feet. Not being satisfied with one source of correctness, I had to corroborate my correctness with another source. I found another dictionary which also proved that tootsies are feet.

Proving piddies are toes was a little more difficult, but I was able to do that as well.

I then marched triumphantly into the room where the rest of my family had completely dismissed the conversation and moved on to something much more important, like playing retro games on the old Sega machine that my hubby dug out of the storage room.

I said, "I was right. Tootsies are feet and piddies are toes."

Everyone else said, "No they're not."

My family obviously has no respect for truth, and much more respect for the democratic process.


Suldog said...

Ah, well. Let 'em call them whatever they want. You KNOW the truth!

Anonymous said...

Why is it the Mom is always wrong? I live with a husband, and two teenage sons. Everything I say seems to be WRONG. Even if I do as you did and prove it correct. I guess sometimes it is best to let them "think" they are right...heehee. We know the truth.

Sal said...

Tootsies are feet here in my house, but I have not heard of piddies, but here Puddies are hands....the plot

CDP said...

I have never heard "piddies", but I like to think of my household as a benevolent dictatorship.

mlh said...

I remember hearing people say, "Take off your shoes and warm your cold tootsies by the fire." I never knew if it meant feet or toes. I assumed it meant toes because if you just take the first and last letters you get "toes."

Not that I'm arguing the point since you looked it up. I'm only suggesting this might be the reason people believe tootsies means toes.

Chourou said...
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Chourou said...

Ah,That's the way this world goes!
The TRUTH might be the thing like that. I had a similar experience. It was about what my family had ate for the supper on the previous evening.....

December 4, 2008 5:

Chourou said...

had ate → had eaten \(+_+)/

BTW, Thank you for stopping by. Vegetarian pizza you mentioned sounds facinating.

Palmerox said...

We always referred to feet as tootsies and hands as piddies.

Unknown said...
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