Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Roadblock on the Employment Journey

I've written several times about the changes going on in my employment life. The company I work for was recently acquired by another company and they're in the process of evaluating all the positions and "assimilating" us. And believe me, I feel like I've been assimilated by the Borg (for those of you who are Star Trek fans).

Anyway, my job has no real equivalent with the new company. Whereas I'm currently paid a salary, they wanted me to pay me a production wage...paid per typed line. I can't make the same amount I make now being paid by the transcribed line unless I work 24/7. So I told them I didn't want to work production. What they then offered me was a quality assurance position with the equivalent of a $5 per hour pay cut. Ouch.

Unfortunately I'm pretty much backed into a corner. The job market is tight and I can't find anything else quickly, so I have no choice but to take the quality assurance job. We'll just have to tighten our belts, I guess. I'm still pretty angry, and I feel trampled and ignored, but I am at least grateful to have a job.

However, Hubby and I are still working on rebuilding my medical transcription business, so at least we have that to look forward to. Hopefully we can find some more transcription contracts, and then maybe some day soon I can say good riddance!

Anyway, that's the latest step on this nasty and disheartening journey. I'm hoping it starts getting better soon!


Ang said...

In times like these always remember there has to be valleys to reach and appreciate the mountain tops...(thanks to a blog by Linda at My Own Velvet Room). You should really go over to her place and read the blog. Gives a different perspective on things.

My thoughts and prayers are with you my blogger bud.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Hope you get tons of new clients!!

Suldog said...

Well, good luck and God bless. I've never found myself in a position wherein I had to keep a job that treated me like dirt. I've always felt as though I could tell them to shove it if need be. I guess I've been blessed mightily.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Here's hoping your business soars!