Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anecdotes from the Course

As many of you know, I'm driving the beer cart weekends at the local golf course in order to earn some extra cash.

Unfortunately, I fell victim to a nasty stomach bug on Friday which meant I couldn't drive the beer cart on Friday or Saturday. Hubby works at the course every summer, too (he's the chef...err...cook). He wasn't scheduled to work on Saturday but graciously volunteered to take my place on the cart so at least we'd keep the money in the family. The big turd earned over $120 in tips during his shift (none of which, I might add, he was willing to share with me).

I was well enough to work on Sunday and because it was such a beautiful day I was looking forward to raking in the tippage. For some inexplicable reason, the course was nearly a barren wasteland. Nary a golfer to be seen. I managed a measly $40 in tips for a six hour shift. A paltry sum.

I was amused when one golfer handed me a dollar tip and quipped that he was "contributing to the college fund." (like a buck would put me over the top so I could afford tuition). Ironically, I am a grad student. However, I suspect that either he didn't look very closely at me and simply assumed that because I am female and I drive the beer cart that I must be a 20-something coed (which I'm not), or else I can actually pass for a 20-something coed (pffft - excuse me whilst I scoff).

I was not so amused - nay, quite irritated in fact - by a cranky old guy who told me what a crock it was that I was out of Snickers bars (I had actually just sold my last one to a guy at the previous hole...they were a popular item). He ranted about how it was bullshit that all I had left was M&Ms, KitKats, Reeses, Salted Nut Rolls, and Twix. "Well, that's all just a bunch of crap."

I longed to tell him what he could do with the non-existent Snickers. The stupid candy bar was only going to cost him a buck, no matter which one he chose, and he wasn't going to tip me anyway, so I was eager to move on. He finally bought a Reeses, and bitched about it the whole time, and I had to bite my tongue while thanking him sweetly. I nearly gagged on it.

Otherwise, I sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 beers and 46 sodas in six hours. I'm really hoping next weekend I can capitalize on three days of tip-worthy weather. And in the meantime...I'm going to find out where Hubby hid his tip hoard from Saturday and siphon some off. He'll never even realize what happened.....


Shannon Whitney Messenger said...

Ooo, that does not sound like fun. The things we do to make a little extra cash are never easy, but every little bit helps. Happy Monday!

Merrilee said...

Fantastic exposure to all the crazy characters you would ever need :D Good grief some people are odd.