Saturday, May 29, 2010

Creativity Workshop - Weekly Roundup

I know, it's a miracle. Not only am I on time posting my creativity workshop weekly review, but I'm actually early. *gasp* I promise you friends, that the Earth has not spun off its axis, and it is not the onset of Armageddon that I have actually managed to post something pre-deadline.

So what, pray tell, has occurred that I'm posting early? Nothing. That's right. I accomplished absolutely nothing this week in terms of my creativity workshop goals. But I promise, I have excellent excuses:

1. I started a new job which had me in fits of anxiety all week. After being unemployed for 2 months I sucked it up and took another transcription job after I swore to all that is holy never to do that again. However, paying the mortgage and feeding the kids trump my deep dislike for my never-purposely-chosen career, so now I'm back at it and because I thought I had escaped the work I've done for nearly 20 years, and tasted a brief but sweet reprieve, I am now beset by anxiety attacks. I know, it's silly, but it can't be helped. I do continue to seek other employment, but the job market, it sucketh.

2. I've been madly working at editing my novel. My goal is to have it agent-ready by the first week of August, when my next MFA residency is scheduled. Often the university will invite agents to the residency and the students may make appointments to visit with them. I would very much like to have a finished novel to talk to them about. However, with only two months until the residency, I need to work my ass off to get my novel even close to ready.

3. State high school track meet was Friday (it's actually Fri and Sat, but our son only ran Friday) in Bismarck. We drove down Thursday after work and stayed the night, then sat in 90+ degree heat all day long (I forgot sunscreen and I am now a beautiful shade of medium rare. I even burned thru my shirt. yikes.) Son didn't do as well as he'd hoped, but it's his first trip to the state meet so at least he knows what to expect for next year. (The pic is Son with his 4x800 relay team - he's second from left.)

So, what is next week going to hold for me as far as the creativity workshop? Well, I'm going to have to rearrange my goals. For this first 4-week block I was going to write stories in 4 different genres: sci-fi, horror, western, and detective. My rearrangement is going to consist of dumping the detective genre, mostly because it'll likely just frustrate me, but also because I really want to at least start the western. So I'm going to chalk up this week as a wash and start next week fresh with the western. I'll be working the golf course Sunday and Monday (weather's gray and drizzly today the day after 90+ degrees...go figure ND weather), so we'll see just where I can cram writing into my schedule this week.

Wish me luck!

And hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend, whatever you're up to!


Merrilee said...

Sounds like a full week, all right! These things happen. And you're right to close the week and move on. Don't let it get you down!

Sorry to hear you had to move back into a job you hate. I've been there, and nothing kills your soul so well as getting up everyday to face that. But as you say, mortgage trumps all, and we do what we must. Hang in there! Find relief in your creative outlets, and good luck with the novel!

Chibi said...

Ouch, I've been there with the sunburn. It's agony, though I suspect it will teach you not to forget it next time. I hope it doesn't hurt too badly. Better luck next week, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

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elizabeth mueller said...

Hey, cutie! Wow, what a wonderful goal to have your edits done and submissions on the way by August! Kudos! I'm slugging along with my edits (I'm on chapter 3 and have 47 to go--EEP. I should totally blog about this!!!)


I wanted to bow down to you, my lady, and praise you for joining my brave, brave is a mighty strange one, but I think we'll see that everyone starts off from the beginning somewhere and we are all 'brothers and sisters' in the craft! ((Hugs)) thank you!! ;)

Simon C. Larter said...

I forgive you for your WorkshopFail. Because I WorkshopFailed last week too. It's okay, though. I'm all about breaking the rules and rearranging stuff, so that's what I've been doing this week. :)

Good luck, good lady!