Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Playing Catch Up - Creativity Workshop

Merilee was gracious enough to allow me to join her Creativity Workshop even though the deadline for signing up had passed. Thank you, Merilee!

Now, I'm playing catch up. I'm only a few days behind, but the first assignment is to write a post discussing our issues and interests as writers. My list is as follows:

1. Explore genre.
2. To the point.
3. Explore the world.
4. Explore emotions.
5. Voice
6. Character variety.

1. Explore genre: There are so many to choose from! And I've written in so few of them. I'd like to explore them, stretch myself, see if I can write outside my comfort zone.

2. To the point: I'm not overly wordy and when I write I tend to get right to the point. I need to work on fleshing out my prose.

3. Explore the world: Most of us write what (and where) we know. It's scary to make assumptions about places you've never been and then try to write about those places. I'd like to write about a place I've never been.

4. Explore emotions: I tend to write timid. I want to explore a wider range of emotion. I want to write the extremes and the unexpected.

5. Voice: I need to work on writing more active prose. Sometimes it's easy for the helping verbs to sneak in without me noticing. I need to cut out the sense words too. And I'd like to experiment with POV.

6. Character variety: Sometimes when I have a group of characters they tend to reduce themselves to cookie cutters of each other. I want to work on writing definitively different characters.

So, after some careful consideration, those are my issues and interests. Stay tuned for goals.

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Merrilee said...

Hi Margaret, and welcome to the workshop!

I find it funny that I empathise with your #2, but I am the opposite of your #3.

You have some good ideas there to explore.