Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Speculating on the Fickleness of Fate

This story is not in the least bit related to writing. It isn't even related to the golf course which was, in fact, quite dull this weekend. Although my buddy Chuck was golfing on Monday. "Hey, it's Maggie!" says he. "Well, Margaret to most of the world, but Maggie to me." Oh my.

In fact, this story is related to my day job which I dislike in general, but which I'm grateful to have after being unemployed for two months.

So today I'm hard at work at my Cinderella drudgery when Outlook chimes in that I've received a new e-mail. Usually work-related e-mails consist of "this account's account specifics have been modified. Be sure to study the changes!" *yawn*

However, this e-mail said "new job posting." Okay, says I. I shall check it out. Which I did. And it was a job I'm qualified for and which would pay by the hour rather than production. Trust me when I say, this is a good thing.

The job announcement clearly states "you must be an employee of the company for 90 days before applying." I've only been with the company for, like, 17 days. But I think, I'm a rebel. What does it hurt to ask, right?

I send HR a cheerful e-mail enumerating my qualifications and attach my resume (which, by the way, they gushed over when I applied for my current job).

I get an e-mail back from HR person #1 who says, "you have to be with the company for 90 days before you can apply."

I send her a polite e-mail back saying, "this is the kind of job I wanted when I applied to the company but there weren't any available, so I took my current job with the understanding that if anything became available I'd be considered."

I get an e-mail back from HR person #2 repeating the 90-day company line.

Okay, I thought. So much for that.

Until later in the afternoon when I get another e-mail from HR person #2. "Good news! As of today the 90-day rule has been abolished. I've forwarded your resume to the hiring manager!"

I was like, huh? How coincidental is it that the very day I apply for a job I'm qualified for, but I haven't been with the company long enough to apply for, they decide to do away with said 90-day restriction?

I'm thinking one of two things is going on here: 1)Fate is messing with me - setting me up for another cosmic practical joke. The 90-day restriction is lifted but I still won't get the job. 2) Or, I'll get the job and it'll suck worse than the one I have now.

Generally speaking, I just don't trust Fate. It reminds me way too much of Death in Final Destination; it has a sick sense of humor and it stalks you relentlessly.

However, we shall see what happens. Stay tuned for the scintillating details (I know you're hanging on the edge of your seat....)


Merrilee said...

Or perhaps it's karma coming along, to give you a chance at something you have earned ;)

Alisha said...

Yes, I live Merrilee's interpretation of events :) Much luck to you!