Monday, June 7, 2010

Paying for Good Service

This is another golf course story.

Sunday I was working the course, and it was a pretty good day. Then I run across a couple of guys on the 7th hole who give me a load of crap because I didn't attend to them earlier (I generally stay away from hole 1 and 2 cuz people just left the clubhouse and they won't want anything yet...same with 9, 17 and 18 only because they're heading into the clubhouse soon.)

Giving me a load of crap the minute you get my attention isn't necessarily a good idea, especially if you're still on the front nine, because you've still got a lot of holes to golf.

These guys were loud and obnoxious and clearly not serious golfers. They were driving around like maniacs in the golf cart whooping it up. I wouldn't have been surprised if they'd tricked the cart out with a gun rack and antlers on the grille.

So I sell these guys some beer and they give me more crap about staying close by cuz they're gonna want lots of beer through the whole course. Then...they stiff me on the tip. Nothing, nada. I'm making a whopping $7 per hour, so I'm depending on tips to boost my income.

I go on my way, not feeling the least bit inclined to follow these jokers around.

When I make it back to the clubhouse, they've finished the 9th hole and they're at the clubhouse being loud and buying more beer. They give me yet more crap because they had to wait until they got to the clubhouse to get more beer (a mere 2 holes).

They go on their way, and after I reload the cart, I head out as well. I meet them again on the 11th hole. They buy more beer and stiff me on the tip again, but insist I follow them around so they can keep a steady supply of beer flowing.

My first thought is: Why don't you buy more than one at a time?

My second thought is: Why in God's name would I follow you around if you're not tipping me?

Driving the golf cart at a golf course will quickly turn anyone into a tip whore. I'm no exception.

So I don't see these morons for the rest of their time on the course, until I meet them up at the clubhouse after they've finished. They see me drive up and throw their hands out, shrugging, as if to say, "where they hell have you been, sweetheart? We needed beer!"

I just gave them my sweetest and most innocent smile and said, "Sorry, guys, it's been a busy day."

I taught them the most important lesson on the course: You pay for my service. I go where the money is.

So there you go, lesson learned.


Bethany Elizabeth said...

Good for you. Some people really shouldn't be served beer! :P

Anonymous said...


Simon C. Larter said...

I worked for a while as a waiter/room-service agent at a hotel. Getting stiffed on a tip was the worst thing about the job--not the 5:30 am start time, not the long hours, but the tip stiffage. And this was at a Hilton hotel, too, so the folk there weren't hard up.

You're right, good lady. To this day I tip 20%, only dropping to 10 or 15% if the service was absolutely lousy (and they'd really have to suck to get me to that point).

Nishant said...

Some people really shouldn't be served beer!
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